About WYC

School History

First in Foshan (1912-1937)

Wa Ying College has its origin in Foshan, Guangdong Province. Since 1853, Rev. George Piercy from the Methodist Church of Great Britain spread Christian gospel in Guangzhou through providing education to the locals. Two schools, the predecessors of Wa Ying College, were set up by Rev. Piercy and his wife. In 1912, Wa Ying College was founded in Foshan by the Chinese Methodist Church of Great Britain. The school building was designed and constructed by Rev. Arthur H. Bray who is also the second Principal of Foshan Huaying School.

School entrance of Foshan Huaying School Rev. Arthur H. Bray


Photo of Rev. Arthur H. Bray, the second Principal of Foshan Huaying School, and students

Wartime Disturbances and Evacuation (1938-1945)

Despite students' patriotic feelings for the motherland during the Japanese invasion from 1937 to 1945, the school decided to lead students to take refuge to Hong Kong in order to protect students and teachers from the war. In Hong Kong, trails of running our schools were left in Tung Chung, Sham Shui Po, Sha Tin and Wan Chai between 1938 and 1941. Refusing to succumb to the Japanese rule, the school relocated to Lianzhou, Guangdong Province (1944) and Qujiang area of Shaoguan, Yuebei (1942-1945) before returning to her original site in Foshan in 1945.

The original site of Wa Ying College in Tung Chung

Floor Plan of Wa Ying College in Tung Chung

Challenges and Opportunities in the Founding of WYC in Hong Kong with God's Grace (1945-1971)

Though Wa Ying College had returned to Foshan in 1945, many alumni remained in Hong Kong. To provide a bonding platform for Wa Yingers in order to maintain the continuity of Waying spirit, some passionate alumni founded the Alumni Assoication in 1962, with Chen Sheng-chu as the Chairman and Huang Yu-heng as the Vice-chairman.


At the second meeting of the Alumni Association, it was decided to re-establish Wa Ying College in Hong Kong. With the concerted efforts of our alumni, the members of Methodist Church and the starting fee provided by the government, our school campus was constructed at 8 Sheung Wo Street, Homantin. In 1969, the management of the school was transferred to the Methodist Church. The Opening Ceremony held on 17 October 1971 marked the new beginning of Wa Ying College.

Site Formation of Wa Ying College construction site

The Groundbreaking Ceremony of Wa Ying College

Opening Ceremony of Wa Ying College