School News

Notes to Applicants for S1 Registration Days (13-14 July 2023)


1.     Documents required

a. Admission Slip

b. Hong Kong Birth Certificate, Hong Kong Identity Card or other documentary evidence showing the resident status in Hong Kong and date of birth for verification (If the student's Hong Kong Identity Card bears the symbol 'C' [for conditional stay] at the line below the date of birth, please also bring along other valid travel documents).


2.     School miscellaneous fee:HK$935

A cheque payable to “THE IMC OF WA YING COLLEGE”; or cash of the exact fee (HK$1,000 banknote is not accepted)


3.     Other fees

a. Parents are encouraged to join the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA).  Parents may enroll as members of the PTA with the payment of HK$200 membership fee on-site.  For more information, please contact the Parent Volunteers at the fee collection counter.

b. All S1 students are required to join the orientation day on 25 August 2023 and they will have their lunch at school.  The lunch box can be ordered on the registration day and the fee is $28.




一. 應備文件:

a. 入學註冊證

b. 香港出生證明書、香港身份證或載有本港居民身份和出生日期的證明文件,以供核對(如學生所持香港身份證上出生日期下有「C」字標記〔有條件限制居留〕,須同時帶備其他有效旅行證件。)


二. 學校雜費(港幣935元正)




三. 其他費用:

a. 家長可於當天報名加入家長教師會,有意參加者請帶備所需費用(家長教師會會費港幣200元正)。家長如欲了解詳情,可於當日向負責收費的家長義工查詢。

b. 中一新生須於8月25日參加中一迎新活動日,當天同學須留校午膳,如欲訂購飯盒,請於註冊日訂購並繳付現金$28。