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Celebrating 110 Years of Wa Ying: Root-bonding Journey to Foshan


To commemorate the 110th Anniversary of Wa Ying, Principal Wun led a delegation to Foshan from 15 to 17 December 2023. The delegation, comprising 110 participants, included our senior school management team, honorable retired principal, former vice-principals and teachers, as well as representatives from the school managers, alumni, parents, teaching staff and student.

The delegation attended the Anniversary Open Day of Foshan No.1 High School and Foshan Huaying School, and was invited to the 110th Anniversary Development Conference. The conference highlighted the extensive history of Wa Ying since 1913 and celebrated the achievements throughout the 110 years. The delegation deeply engaged with the richness of our school tradition and development.

To strengthen the cooperation and exchange between WYC and our sister schools, we have formed Sister School pairs with Foshan No.1 High School and Gaoming Huaying School in this journey. With the facilitation of the Sister School Scheme, more exchanges will be arranged in the near future.

The 110th Anniversary Foshan Root-Bonding Journey not only marked 110 years of God's grace, but also solidified connections with our sister schools in Foshan. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our sister schools for their warm hospitality and active role in encouraging students' interflow.