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Interview with Alumnus Mr. Chan Pak Wai, the Director of the Hong Kong Observatory


Mr. Chan Pak Wai, our alumnus, was appointed as the Director of the Hong Kong Observatory in March 2023. On 19 April 2023, a team of student representatives, including the Head Prefect, members of the Student Union publication team and the campus TV, visited the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) and had the honor of interviewing Mr. Chan.

The interview was an enriching experience for the students, who were able to gain insights into the field of meteorology from the perspective of the HKO director. Mr. Chan shared the work of HKO, the challenges and opportunities it faces, and its role in supporting the community. Mr. Chan also spoke of his fond memories during his time at Wa Ying. He encouraged our students to be open-minded and to explore their own future, emphasizing the importance of seizing opportunities and being proactive.

After the interview, students were given a tour of the HKO office, where they had the chance to learn about the roles and responsibilities of different departments, as well as the technology and equipment used in their work.

We are proud to have such an accomplished alumnus who is making significant contributions to society. The visit was an inspiring experience for our students, and we are grateful to Mr. Chan and the HKO for hosting us.